Thursday, October 18, 2007

Perdón por la melcocha, pero a veces me pongo así

De vuelta por el blog de la jocosa Paula Bourges un ingenioso post titulado "The calculus of saying "I love you" de Anna Gosline.

Esta vez les haré la chamba y lo transcribo.

"Two weekends ago I was visiting a dear friend in New England. She has just started a postdoctoral fellowship in Chemistry at an Ivy League University. She has also just started dating an engineering doctoral student at said ILU. They are very smitten. It was disgusting.
During one of their goodbye smooch sessions (while I was attempting to melt beneath the floorboards on my way out the door), my dear friend, let’s call her Judy, accidentally said “I love you” to the Engineer.

This was cause for great distress and she immediately “took it back.”
A few days later, consumed by the saying, taking back, and woefully lack of saying and taking back in return, Judy broached the subject with the Engineer (I was thankfully hanging out with my 21-year old cousin, who attends a nearby Liberal Arts University).

The Engineer, delightful and rational fellow that he is, made it clear that he would not be saying “I love you” until he was sure. Otherwise, he might waste this very important statement by saying it too early in the relationship, when his love was still growing rapidly, thereby taking away the significance in later weeks/months when his love was much, much greater.

Judy, obviously disappointed by this response, pressed and asked WHEN exactly that would be. His response: when dLove/dt = zero."

El artículo me recuerda algo que léi recientemente en el blog de el prometedor escritor (ya publica en Ciudad, del periódico Reforma) Guillermo Nuñez. Aquí su post sobre Expression Theory.

Tiene razón Guillermo, "es increíble como los analíticos le quitan la carnita a todo".

Y la carnita más sabrosa de la vida, es escuchar un vil e insignificante: Moi aussi.

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Quique said...

Excelente articulo mano... sobre todo para el ñoño que todos traemos dentro. (Especialmente los que nos hacemos llamar ingenieros como tu servilleta).